World's First Mental Health Chatbot May Replace Therapists

Many people suffer from some sort of mental health issue and need help dealing with it.  

Sometimes, though, it is just too hard to get yourself out of the house and into a therapist's office.

Well, now there is an in-home option.


Woebot is a mental health chatbot app that runs through Facebook Messenger.  Woebot acts as a personal therapist by using artificial intelligence to create natural, human-like conversations.

The app uses very simple questions like "What is your energy like today?" or "How are you feeling?" to open up conversation with the patient.

It also suggest strategies and plans for dealing with mental health issues like depression and anxiety.  

Dr Alison Darcy is the CEO and founder of Woebot.

She said, "Most people don't have access to therapy today... Barriers, like cost of treatment and social stigmas, have prevented people from getting the help that they need."

She continued, "We built Woebot to give people a customised therapeutic experience and the functional tools they need to manage something incredibly personal."

In a random test, 70 students engaged in either Woebot or a self-help eBook for two weeks.  Students that used Woebot said they felt a reduction in their depression and anxiety symptoms and felt that the app empathized with them.

Read the full story at Daily Mail

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