Video: OC Inmates Filmed Their Own Escape

NBC4 was able to obtain a video taken with a first person vantage point of an inmate escape from a maximum security wing at an Orange County jail.

The video was recorded on a contraband cellphone the three men had in their possession.

The trio, and the cab driver who transported them evaded a statewide manhunt for more than a week before two inmates were captured and the third turned himself in to police.

The video was handed over by an attorney in the case, and appeared to be heavily edited.

There is a voice-over by one of the escaped men, recorded after their capture, giving his perspective on the events.

Music is laid under the video, with news clips edited in about their manhunt evasion and video of their actual escape.

In the version NBC4 took out the pop music and blurred the faces of inmates not involved in the escape.

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