Marine's Bucket List for Dying Dog

Love was never as deep as the love between a man and his dog, especially when their bond was made in war.

Jeff De Young and his bomb detection dog Cena were paired based on their personalities and deployed to Afghanistan together in 2009.

The two were in charge of walking in front of patrol units in search of IEDs.

"He'd been trained to detect more than 300 different types of explosives and if he smelled something interesting on patrol he would lie down and notify me, and then I'd call in an explosives technician."

After coming home De Young says he began to suffer from PTSD and separation anxiety from being away from Cena.

Four years later, he adopted Cena and the Labrador became his service dog helping him heal and support from his PTSD.

Last week, De Young got the news that Cena was diagnosed with bone cancer and only has weeks to live.

To celebrate his life, De Young wanted to spend time spoiling Cena and sending him off with the same love his pup gave him.

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