ICE Arrests LA Pastor, Sparks Protests

The ICE arrest of a local pastor has sparked protests and fear through Los Angeles' Latino religious community.

Noe Carias leads an evangelical church near Echo Park and was first deported in 1993 after crossing illegally into the United States as a teenager.

More than two dozen people gathered in front of the Federal Building in downtown LA and held a rally for about 40 minutes.

The Los Angeles Times reports Carias came back to the States after his first deportation and ignored a second order given to him in 1995.

Carias is now married to a US citizen, Victoria Carias, and is the father of two young children.

Lawyer Noemi Ramirez says Carias was granted two one-year stays in January 2015 and April 2016.

The Times says Carias was denied a third earlier this year.

Ramirez says immigration services decided he was removable because of his decision in 1995 to ignore the order.

Victoria says her husband was detained as she waited in the lobby of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services field office.

"He's a good man, he's a pastor, he's been a good citizen. He's never done anything wrong. The only thing he did was come here illegally."

An ICE spokeswoman says that "all decisions are made on a case-by-case basis" and no other info was released about Carias.

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