Lyft Adds 'Taco Mode' for Late Night Taco Bell Stops

Taco Tuesday will never be the same again.

A new program between Taco Bell and the ridesharing app Lyft, will allow passengers to hit the drive-thru on the way to their ultimate destination. The best part? It's called 'Taco Mode' and it will be baked into the app itself.

Taco Mode will be rolled out for a limited time on July 27th to 29th, and again on August 3rd thru the 5th and (for now) the new mode will only available for hungry patrons in Orange County. But Taco Bell (which is headquartered in Orange County) says they hope to roll our Taco Mode to Lyft riders nationwide by 2018. 

Customers who get picked up between 9 pm and 2 am in 'designated areas' will have the option to select 'Taco Mode' which will reroute the driver to the nearly Taco Bell before heading to their final stop. Some diners may be treated to free food and t-shirts as part of the promotion. 

The idea seems like a natural fit for a service that many are using after a night of drinking anyway. After all, what absorbs a night on the town better than a few tacos? 

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