UCLA Warning Students to Stay Alert Following Two Robberies

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Authorities at UCLA are warning students to stay alert following two robberies by two suspects wearing gold grills off campus on Saturday. 

Two groups of people separately reported that they had been held up by two suspects armed with a pocket knife and a handgun. The suspects demanded property from the group including phones and wallets. 

The second robbery happened just moments later to another group of individuals according to a crime alert from UCLA. 

The suspects were last seen fleeing southbound on Glenrock Avenue. 

The two men were described as being in their 20s, with both men having gold grills on their teeth. One of the men's sweatshirts had a red hood, and held a gun. The other suspect held the knife. One suspect was described as 5'6" tall, while the other was 6'2". 

The two groups of people were made up of students from UCLA and people not affiliated with the university. 

Police are investigating the incident. 

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