Dead Whale Art Piece in Paris

Over the weekend, a sperm whale appeared on the banks of the Seine river in Paris.

Whales normally live in the salty waters of the ocean and don't normally end up inland where this one appeared in Paris.

While hundreds of people stopped to take pictures of the dead whale, which looked incredibly convincing, it was actually an art installation.

The art collective Captain Boomer Collective placed the whale in Paris to "stir feelings and raise awareness about sperm whales and humanity's disruption of the ecological system."

Seeing the sight is both disturbing but eye catching, and many who came across the whale said it even smelt...uh...legit.

The installation has popped up in other places around the world, usually in public spaces where people can come across it and learn more about sperm whales and their habitat.

If you want to learn more about whales and Captain Boomer's mission, check out their website HERE.

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