Aquarium of the Pacific Debuts A New Baby Penguin

The Aquarium of the Pacific got a new feathery friend and are letting people meet it from home.

A special "Penguin Cam" will focus on the recently hatched Magellanic Penguin chick as the baby learns to eat whole fish and swim in shallow pools.

The chick's parents Roxy and Floyd cared for the chick until it was ready to head to the nursery.

The aquarium says sometime in August as it gets a little bit older, the chick will rejoin its parents and siblings Skipper, Lily, Heidi and Anderson as it makes its public debut at the June Keyes Penguin Habitat.

The aquarium is also offering people the opportunity to "adopt" the baby through its Adopt an Animal program.

If people adopt the chick at or above the $100 level before September 30th will get to go behind the scenes and be able to watch a feeding and training session with the penguins.

Until it's August debut, you can check out the chick here in the live feed.

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