Dodger Stadium Field Naming Rights Up For Sale

The naming right for the field at Dodger Stadium are officially up for sale.

Just the field.

Not the stadium.

Calm down.

According to SportsBusiness Journal, the Los Angeles Dodgers are seeking $12 million per season for the naming rights.

Need something to compare that to?

Well, the San Diego Padres currently have a deal in which they get about $3 million per season.  Yes, the Dodgers are a much better team in a much larger market, but $12 million is still much more than the average.

Do not worry, though.  The stadium name is not for sale.

Team president Stan Kasten said, "That has never been for sale...We're not selling the name of the stadium. That's the only thing I'm willing to tell you."

Read the full story at Bleacher Report

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