Turn Back Tuesday: Retro School Supplies

School is out of session for kids all over the country and for a lot of us, it's been a while since we've set foot in a classroom.

No matter the age, every generation remembers the few clutch school supplies we begged to have.

Let's turn back the clock and walk down memory lane together:

Pencils, pencil accessories and gel pens.

Let's be real for a second, with all the advances in technology more often than not you aren't really writing anything long hand.

But nothing brings back the first day of school memories than fresh pencils, those topper things the fell apart two days after you got them and GEL PENS.

Ohhhh gel pens. So colorful....so inky....sometimes messy but always fun.

In a similar vein, who doesn't remember scented markers.

They came in watermelon, apple and grape scents but they never really actually smelt like what they claimed.

We all have memories of huffing each marker, passing it around to our friends laughing and choosing our favorite, least chemically smelling one.

On the tech end of things, who can forget floppy disks......you know, besides most people born in the early 2000s.....

But for the rest of us, we remember color coding all of our disks to corresponding files and projects.

And despite these 3 1/2 inch monstrosities being so large, I actually lost quite a few of them (still mourning the loss of my Pokemon picture collection all these years later).

Lisa Frank! Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.

This colorfully, cutesy brand covered anything you wanted in rainbows, kittens and glitter.

Folders, notebooks....if you could name it you were probably able to be blinded by it.

Spacemakers pencil boxes.

I have to admit, I didn't even know these things had a name but I do know basically every kid had them.

These plastic containers were always shoved in the back of our desks filled with erasers, pencil shavings and other little odds and ends.

And finally, the grand piece of any back to school list; the Jansport backpack.

Jansport was the gold standard for kids regardless of age or grade and while over the years the company got a little more creative when it came to designs and colors....

...we recognize a true classic when we see it. 

So, you tell us. What are some of the must-have back to school items you remember having?

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