@ForkReporter Helps Us Break Down Pizza Dough

Do you know the pizza dough you need to know?  


Well, @ForkReporter knows what you need to know about pizza dough.

A lot of us probably think we know more about pizza and pizza dough than we actually do.

Need proof?  Well, here's a quick quiz to show you that you don't know what you think you know.

Question: Which of the following are types of dough?  Thin; Deep dish; Pan

Answer: None of them.

You ready to pay attention now?  Good.

Let's start with the classic, or as it is more formally known, Neapolitan-style.

This is where it all began.  It is simple and it is original.  

Neapolitan dough is lean and uses very few ingredients.  In fact there are only four: all-purpose or bread flour, salt, instant yeast, and water.

That's it.

Not a fan?  Want something a little more modern?  Not a problem.

New York-style pizza dough.

This type of dough is an offshoot of Neapolitan-style, but this one is stretched out slightly thicker than Neapolitan.  

It is also cooked at a slightly cooler temperature.

As you know with us kids nowadays, we always have to make stuff more complicated.  So, you could guess that New York-style dough has more ingredients.  In this case, they are all-purpose flour or bread flour, sugar, salt, instant yeast, olive oil, and water.

 Sure those two are fun, but what about when you have a whole group of people coming over?  You don't have time to make the other ones.

That's okay.  We know the answer.

Sicilian-style pizza dough.

You don't have to roll it.  You don't have to stretch.  It will be ready within a few hours.

Sounds nice, doesn't it.

Although it is essentially a spin-off of New York-style dough, it is amazingly easy to make.

All you need is all-purpose flour or bread flour, salt, instant yeast, olive oil, and water.

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