Gov. Brown Makes His Case to Renew Cap-and-Trade Program

California Governor Jerry Brown is making his case to extend the state's Cap-and-Trade program. The bill to extend the program for another 13 was unveiled by lawmakers in Sacramento last week. 

In a passionate speech before the state senate committee on Thursday, Gov. Brown said that California would bear the brunt of climate change if lawmakers failed to extend the state's signature program to fight climate change. 

Brown is fighting to get a two-thirds majority vote to reauthorize the cap-and-trade program until 2030. With supermajority support, the program would be well-guarded against any future legal challenges.

To pass AB 398 (the bill renewing AB 32), Brown will need at least 27 votes in the Senate and another 54 in the Assembly. Democrats have the numbers, but Brown is aiming for the support of his Republican colleagues as well. That's evident in the concessions that Republicans have extracted from Democrats, including the repeal of a fire prevention fee, and an extension of a tax credit for manufacturers due to expire in a few years. 

For his part, Brown seems determined to renew the cap-and-trade bill. He tweeted out a video of his impassioned plea before the state senate committee chiding those who say he's doing this to build a legacy. 

"This isn't about some cockamamie legacy. This isn't for me, I'm going to be dead. It's for you & it's damn real #ExtendItNow #CapandTrade" 

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