Pilot Dies In SoCal Small Plane Crash

Authorities say one person has died after a small plane crashed near San Gabriel Valley airport in El Monte. 

The fixed wing, single-engine Jansen plane went down after engine problems were reported on Friday around 9:23 am. This woman told KFI's Kris Ankarlo that she watched the plane take off. 

"Right in front of me. I see that plane taking off. But, it had some sort of fuel difficulties. Cause it wasn't technical, because [there were] no sparks or anything going at that time." '

She says that the plane tried to circle around to land, but instead the plane nose-dived into the tarmac. 

Los Angeles County Fire officials say the plane was on its way back to the airport when it crashed. The airport tower says the flight plan had two people registered on board the aircraft, but authorities say they've only located one body at the scene. 

The NTSB will take over the investigation. The FAA registry says the plane was a a Jansen Pazmany PL-2 built in 1979. 

This story is developing. Check back with KFI as more information about this crash comes in. 

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