Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Takes Issue With Females Drinking

Although he's known for being arguably the greatest basketball player to ever walk the face of the planet, as of late, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has transformed himself into an op-ed writer.

His latest topic?

Binge drinking.  

Specifically, female binge drinking.  

More specifically, Hollywood glamorizing female binge drinking.

Abdul-Jabbar points out that whether it is in movies or television shows, there has been a steady trend towards portraying women as heavy drinkers.

Often times, the drinking is portrayed in a fun and light-hearted manner, like a party or girls weekend.  Other times, it is incorporated as the female character's coping mechanism after a breakup or a long day at the office.

Either way, Abdul-Jabbar does not like it.  He states that this simply damages the female fight for equality and respect in Hollywood and the world.

How are women supposed to be taken seriously if they are just seen as the one that needs alcohol to have fun?  

How are women supposed to be taken seriously if they are just seen as the one that can't cope with the trials of life without drinking alcohol?

Abdul-Jabbar writes, "It's not that we can't depict women drinking; it's that we shouldn't always associate their drinking with emergency stress relief or the sole gateway to being fun. This infantilizes them, implying they are incapable of dealing with life's challenges as rational adults. Yes, they should eat, drink and be merry — just don't have them drink because that's the only way they can be merry."

Read the full story at The Hollywood Reporter

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