Tech Talk Tells You Things You May Not Know About Google Home

Whether we own one or not, many of us are familiar with the Google Home.  It is one of many voice-activated personal home assistants that can be told to set a timer, a reminder, make an appointment, or make a phone call.

However, do you know everything it can do?

Probably not.

The Google Home is capable of much more than you probably thought.

Google Home can...

...remind you where you left things.  All you have to do is tell it what you are putting where.  Then, when you need to find that item, just ask Google Home where you left it. funny sounds to entertain your kids.  Animal noises, train whistles, songs, whatever you want. a song that you don't know the name of.  Just ask it to play the song that says "(insert lyrics here)" and it will fire it up.

...get flight prices.  Just ask it to look up flights from one place to another and it will look it up quick. games with you.  Word games?  Trivia games?  Google Home is always ready to throw down. to your TV.  Just have your Google Chromecast hooked up and your Google Home can do it all. with homework.  Need a quick fact?  Need help with a math problem?  Just throw it out there and Google Home will help you out.

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