Whatcha Watchin Wednesday Covers The Bachelorette, Luke Cage, Megyn Kelly

It is Watcha Watchin Wednesday yet again, so that means it is time for another Bachelorette Report with our friend, Petros Papadakis, from AM570 LA Sports.

How do the dates go?

Does somebody cry?

Do people fight?

Who gets sent home?

Well, I guess you're just going to have to listen.

Lucy Liu is set to direct to season premiere of the second season of Luke Cage.

Liu said, “What a thrill to collaborate with Marvel and Netflix, two industry titans, who paint our world with inspiring stories and beguiling characters.  It is such an honor to work with such a passionate and fearless team.”

Liu has directed multiple episodes of the CBS series she stars in, Elementary.

Jeph Loeb, the executive producer of the Luke Cage series, expressed his excitement about having Liu on board.  

He said, "When you’re dealing with a bulletproof man, it helps if you have a bulletproof director.  Lucy brings a keen eye, a superb sense of story and an obvious love of actors. She is rocking Luke Cage 2."

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Megyn Kelly's NBC morning show has been given a launch date, and it is September 25.

The show will be taped in front of a live studio audience and will air at 9 a.m.

Her staff is currently headed by executive producer Jackie Levin and co-executive producer Chris Cataldi, both of which previously worked on the Today show.

Kelly already has a Sunday evening newsmagazine show.

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