Recap of last night's "Road Diet" meeting

It was a packed house last night at the Mar Vista Rec Center, with plenty of people showing up to share their concerns over the terrible "Road Diets" popping up on the Westside and the South Bay.

#BadIdeaBonin even showed up, but he didn't budge. Instead he talked about all of the positive feedback he's been getting lately, and didn't seem to care at all about residents' genuine complaints.

He even said this:

“I have heard as I have walked the streets kids cycling saying this is now the safest street in Los Angeles."

That one got huge groans and moans from the audience. What kind of a lie is that? Like kids are actually riding around saying stuff like that.

The resolution to oppose the "Road Diets" failed to pass last night. Bonin and Garcetti are really digging their heels in on this program. It's not a pilot program like they keep saying, they want the "Road Diets" to stick and for people to forget about them and to accept them as normal.

Then they want to implement more of them across the whole city. They want to make your drive as miserable as possible and force you to live their urban-utopia dream.

Jordanna Thigpen from Restore Venice Coalition was at the meeting last night and joined us today for a recap:

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