Woman set boyfriend on fire and then doused him with pee

Leigh Ann Sepelyak Penn Hills police

(Leigh Ann Sepelyak - Penn Hills Police)

38-year-old Leigh Ann Sepelyak from Pittsburgh is in trouble for pouring gasoline on her sleeping boyfriend and lighting him on fire with a cigarette. Sepelyak and her parents used a pail of pee, which she and her boyfriend used as a toilet, to douse the flames.

Penn Hills police Chief Howard Burton told TribLive Pittsburgh:

“The parents, when they heard screaming and smelled the smoke, helped put him out — I think with the same urine — and went to the hospital."

The fire burned 25% to 35% of the man's lower body. Sepelyak's parents, who live on the main floor of the house, took the burned boyfriend to the hospital where staff called police.

Sepelyak is charged with attempted homicide and arson, and is stuck in jail because she can't make bail.

What's the deal with these people? And why do they pee into a bucket? And why do the parents let them live in their house?!

Read more at the New York Post.

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