Today is Free Slurpee Day!

With temperatures sitting at the 100s all over Southern California, 7-Eleven Day couldn't have come at a better time.

For those of you not in the know (or you even sadder souls that don't have a 7-Eleven near you) July 11th has long been held as 7-Eleven Day.

Because you know....July is the 7th month of the's the 11th's all very complicated as you can see.


On this day, every year the convenience store chain gives its customers a free small Slurpee!

What's a Slurpee you ask?

The basic idea goes by many names and brands (slushies, ICEEs, Slush Puppies) but it's basically a frozen, blended drink that come in flavors from cherry, lemonade and even the iconic Coke.

If you want to go get your Slurpee on, head to your local 7-Eleven from 11 am-7 pm (yeah, they snuck in another 7/11 pun) to claim your free drink.

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