Plan to Expand Wireless Coverage in California Has Met Some Interference

Wireless companies want to rollout the next generation of cell phone technology, but some local governments are crying foul. 

Submitted by state Senators Ben Hueso and Bill Dodd, the bill seeks to expand cell phone coverage throughout California, but not everyone is excited about it. SB-649 is running into some opposition from local governments. Rancho Palos Verdes City Manager Doug Willmore tell KFI's Kris Ankarlo that the way the current system is set up, everything is working just fine. 

"Our belief is that it's a win-win, as they do get to put up their cell towers, their many cell towers, their little antennas, but they have to go through a public process so that we can help," Willmore said.

According to Willmore, the state senate bill would take away the ability for local governments to regulate where cell phone transmitters are installed. 

"Imagine if they woke up one day and there's a cell antenna right in front of their house on the right-of-way and they had no say in it." 

The wireless industry says the bill is necessary so they can speed up the expansion of next generation cell phone technology. 

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