Pizza Bath Bombs are Now a Thing

Plenty of people love pizza. 

They love to eat it, love to smell it.

But do you love pizza enough to bathe in it?

A woman in Fresno is slaying the bath bomb game with her creation of the Pizza Bath Bomb.

Ashley Stewart posted her creation on her Bathesda Boutique Facebook page a few weeks ago and it blew up. 

"Within a couple of days it had millions of views. I was just like, me and my husband, 'What is going on?'"

Each of the bombs resemble a slice of pizza that not only has the scent to match, but turns your bath water into a flurry of rainbows.

Stewart is a stay at home mom and originally started making Minion bath bombs to get her sons in the tub.

People tend to order six slices of the hand made pizza bombs (at $7 a pop) to make a full pie.

The demand for the slices has gone up so fast, Stewart has hired three people to help fill 300 orders from around the U.S., England and Germany.

"I think I've stayed up until 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. in the morning the past two or three weeks. It's nuts."

Other bath bomb ideas she has is a freshly baked smelling cinnamon bun and her dream is to one day have a food truck where she sells nothing but food shaped bath bombs. 

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