Parolee sues prison for not getting him help sooner for hours-long erection

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A 30-year-old parolee from Lincoln, Nebraska is suing the state's prison director and staff of the prison where he was held for not getting him medical help for an involuntary erection that lasted nearly 24 hours.

He was serving his sentence at the Nebraska State Penitentiary when he got an erection at 9:00 am on July 8, 2015.

The man tried to get rid of it (We'll leave that to your imagination) but it would not go away, according to his attorney Matt Aerni.

After a solid hour, the inmate told a prison caseworker about the situation, and the caseworker said medical staff would be alerted.

Medical staff weren't contacted until 4:10am the next day, but after an evaluation they determined that it wasn't an emergency and put treatment off until a prison nurse made the rounds.

Finally a nurse looked at him and found he had priapism, which is a painful and persistent erection, and took him to an emergency room.

The prisoner had surgery, but his penis was permanently damaged because he wasn't treated sooner.

He hasn't been able to get an erection since, and it hurts when he urinates. His lawsuit seeks general damages of "no less than $1 million."

Attorney Matt Aerni alleges that the staff was reckless and disregarded his client's life:

"These actions and inactions of defendants should be punished, and an example should be made so that these actions and omissions are not repeated."

So, what was this guy in prison for? He was serving a 14 to 18 year sentence for attempted sexual assault in the first-degree!

He gets what he deserves! Attempted sexual assault? You get a broken penis. That's justice. 

Read more at Lincoln Journal Star.

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