Investigation Underway Into Violent Santa Ana Arrest

An investigation has gotten underway after footage of a man and police fighting on the driveway of a Santa Ana home has gone viral. Cops can be seen punching the man several times, at one point using a Taser on the suspect. 

A family who lives near where the incident took place were home at the time officers conducted their arrest of Jesus Martinez and began filming the commotion after what seeing what they described as an excessive use of force. 

Officials say the man is a known gang member who stole a truck with another man, and led officers on a high-speed chase. 

The video begins as one Santa Ana officer is seen holding Martinez to the ground, telling him to put his hands behind his head. Martinez can be heard replying, "They're behind my back sir, let me put them behind my back sir." 

Witnesses say Martinez was failing to comply with the officer's orders, but due to the officer's position, he was making it nearly impossible for Martinez to follow the order. The video pans away for a moment as Martinez's cries intensify as a second officer comes over. When the camera returns to the scene, officers can be seen hitting Martinez, holding him down as he writhes and shouts. A third officer is seen approaching Martinez and hitting him with his baton. 

Police say they discovered drugs and a phony gun inside the truck, but it was unclear if the guy was on drugs at the time of his arrest. Authorities say the chase began after the car refused to yield to officers when they tried to pull it over. A pursuit then ensued with speeds reaching up to 85 mph. When the chase ended, officers pursued Martinez on foot until catching up to him at the Santa Ana residence. 

Authorities say the officers involved in the incident remain on the job for now. Santa Ana's Internal Affairs Department will investigate the incident. 

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