CA Senate approves real estate transaction tax

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Another money grab from the California Senate. Last Thursday they approved a bill from Sen. Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) which she says is meant to fund affordable housing construction.

SB 2 would impose a $75 fee on documents like deeds and notices, with a cap of $225 per transaction. It's expected to bring in about $200 to $300 million a year for affordable housing projects.

The bill passed 27-12 with all Democratic vote.

Sen. Atkins said:

"When you use this money to build more housing, you generate more income more tax, more jobs and it helps spur the economy."

Republican Senator Joel Anderson (Alpine) says this bill won't fix anything:

"I want to solve that problem, but I can't do it on the backs of the emerging people who have worked hard, trying to get their first house or move their family into a home that would accommodate their growing family."

Anderson's right! Why do the hardworking people who follow the rules in this state always end up being punished? 

Republican Senator John Moorlach urged his colleagues to vote against the measure, citing the recall effort against Senator Josh Newman:

"This is a vote, colleagues, that your constituents will hold you accountable to. And they will help you recall this vote.”

This thing passed with all of the Democrats' support, which means Josh Newman voted for it. He voted for another tax. That's why he has to go. He just goes along with whatever his party says and the keep passing tax after tax after tax.

Newman needs to go and the Democratic supermajority needs to end!

SB 2 now goes to the Assembly. Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore)  joined us this afternoon to discuss more:

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