The First Images of the Tesla Model 3 are Here

Car fans, get excited because Elon Musk has released the photos of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla CEO showed the first consumer ready car off to the world via Twitter Saturday night.

The new model has a wait list over 400,000 people long and is Tesla's first foray into building a cheaper electric car for the average audience.

The smaller electric car starts at a lower price point than Tesla’s earlier Model S, which ran a cool $70,000 versus $35,000 for the Model 3.

The company says they will release the first 30 cars on July 28th and will ramp up production after that with plans to release 100 cars in August and another 1,500 in September.

By December, Musk says he plans to release 20,000 cars a month.

The company's site also says that if you want to reserve a Model 3 today, expect to receive the car in mid 2018 if not later.

For those of you who's mouth watered at these first pics, you'll have to hold back because this one will enter Musk's own private collection.

However, Musk promises whoever is the first to pay in full for each new model gets the honor of owning the first car fresh off the line.

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