LAPD and LA Fire Determine Chili Bragging Rights

The competition was fierce out at the annual Safe Summer Tip-Off Family Fun Festival in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday. Between a crossfit competition and chili cook-off between the LAPD and LAFD, the festival gives families an opportunity to learn how they can enjoy a safe summer according to LA Police Chief Chalie Beck. 

"They get to meet and talk to police officers and firefighters to learn how to keep safe from traffic accidents, how to keep safe from fire accidents, and medical disasters or even gang activity." 

The first part of the festival was devoted to the crossfit competition between police and firefighters where firefighters came out on top. But all eyes (and stomachs) were on the chili competition. 

LAPD Officer Chris Gibson stepped up with his ground sirloin and Texas style chili, while the LAFD brought in a ringer - a man with his own published cookbook and regular entrant in chili competitions - firefighter Cruz Macias from Station 87 in Grenada Hills. 

Macias's entry into the competition was a chili made from five different meats: beef, pork, longaniza, pastrami, and pork chorizo. 

Finally, after several helpings of both types of chili, the moment of truth. 

The independent judges (including KFI's very own Steve Gregory) scored the chili on five different aspects, aroma, color and appearance, meat to sauce ratio, and flavoring. 

Turns out, despite all the legends about 'Firehouse Chili' the LAPD had the stronger chili game this year. The Stanley Cup for this chili competition was represented as an oversized wooden spoon - perfect for any leftovers (if there had been any). 

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