L.A. County Grand Jury Recommends Fewer Car Chases

A report from the 2016-2017 Los Angeles County civil grand jury recommends police agencies limit the number of high speed pursuits -- in order to reduce the risk of injury to law enforcement and the public.

The grand jury examined a few years of data from several local agencies and said it appeared about 11-percent of pursuits led to injuries or death.

"They do have to have better training," said grand jury foreperson Joanne Saliba.

The report suggested the LAPD and L.A. County Sheriff's Department require regular recurrency training in pursuit driving and decision-making, even after officers and deputies have graduated from police academies.

"Policy has to be much tighter," Saliba said, noting that there were inconsistent rules for pursuits among state and local agencies.

"We feel that the policy needs to be clearly defined for police that are on the street," she said.

The grand jury report includes recommendations but the findings cannot force the departments to take action.

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