Heat Wave Expected to Break Records Friday

Authorities are warning people to take precautions as a heat wave that's expected to break records across Southern California enters its second day.  

"Dangerous and potentially life-threatening heat is expected through  Saturday, when high temperatures between 100 and 110 degrees are expected for  many interior sections of southwest California,'' warned a National Weather  Service statement.

Temperatures are expected to peak between Friday and Saturday when the mercury could scorch several cities with triple-digit heat. Coachella Valley could see temps of up to 120 degrees, while other cities closer to home like Woodland Hills could see 112. Heat records in several cities across Southern California are expected to be set or matched today and Saturday. 

The hot weather is all thanks to a high-pressure system that's settled over the southwestern desert near the Four Corners area. The "Four Corners high" is spreading its heat across several states, from California to Nevada and Texas. 

Thunderstorms over the Santa Monica and San Bernardino mountains have fire authorities on edge as dry lighting strikes could start a wildfire. 

"Hot temperatures will create a dangerous situation in which there is  an increased threat of heat-related illnesses. The expended heat wave will also  bring elevated fire weather conditions through the weekend,'' according to the  NWS statement.

A heat advisory was scheduled through 9 am Friday morning in the Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area and the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, and San Gabriel Valleys. It's scheduled to be immediately replaced with the more serious excessive heat warning which will last through 9pm Saturday night. 

Temps will begin to cool down starting on Saturday as part of a slow cooling trend. 

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