Delta passengers take down crazy man who punched flight attendant

A Delta flight from Seattle to Beijing had to return to Sea-Tac Airport yesterday evening after a passenger assaulted and injured one of the flight attendants.

45 minutes after 5:30pm departure from Sea-Tac, there was an in flight disturbance when the unruly passenger paced up and down the cabin toward the bathroom before going for an exit door.

He was trying to open the door because he said he needed air. When the flight attendant tried to stop him, he threw a punch. 

Then passengers got together to try to stop the man. One passenger told KIRO 7 News:

“They broke two bottles of wine on his head. I tried to choke him and he just threw me off like a rag doll.”

Another passenger said he had to sit on the crazy guy to keep him down.

The flight turned back around and landed at Sea-Tac where the aggressive man was handcufffed, zip-tied to a wheelchair, and rolled out of the terminal.

Dustin Jones told KIRO:

"He started yelling for help. And so he turned the wheelchair over in the middle of the airport, screaming for people to help him, just being belligerent."

The flight attendant and another injured person were taken to the hospital, and this morning the flight was back in the air on its way to Beijing.

Read more at KIRO 7 News.

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