Yoga Pants for President?

The City Of Los Angeles And DC Entertainment Honors Adam West With Bat-Signal Lighting Ceremony - Getty Images

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was just sworn in for another term, so you Angelenos are going to be stuck with him for a while.

He really is a dud, isn't he? He's very full of himself, he loves passing taxes, he loves making your commute a nightmare, and he lives in a fantasy land full of unicorns and rainbow bike lanes.

Could you imagine him as President? He says he's not running at this time, but Politico reports that he's "already talking to strategists and big donors about the prospect.”

A recent Op-Ed from Harold Meyerson at the L.A. Times really slathers the lotions and oils on Mayor Yoga Pants:

"He’s clearly very bright (a Rhodes scholar), youngish (46), and can boast a record of accomplishment. Like his mayoral predecessor, Antonio Villaraigosa, he steered to passage a tax increase to fund massive rail construction across L.A., and championed another measure to address the city’s homelessness crisis. He signed a local minimum wage increase to $15, has staunchly defended L.A.’s immigrants and made clear that the LAPD will not cooperate with federal immigration officials as they seek to depopulate vast quadrants of the city. He won reelection with 81% of the vote.

Plus he’s Jewish, and Latino, and Italian. And plays a mean jazz piano..."

All of that means nothing. Eric Garcetti's vision for Los Angeles is ruining the city. He's an elite smug snob who has never been grounded in reality.

If he plays such a mean jazz piano, maybe he should ditch politics and play professionally. He'd probably be more likable if he did that.

For now though, he's the Mayor of Los Angeles. Good luck, Angelenos.

Read more at the L.A. Times.

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