New Wolf Pack Found in NorCal with Pups

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife reported the discovery of a new wolf pack, complete with three pups.

Officials say the family is descended from the wolf OR7 that roamed the northern part of the state for several years after migrating from Oregon.

The department says they originally fitted a tracking collar on the female gray wolf in Lassen County.

The department’s senior wildlife veterinarian Dr. Deana Clifford says the 75-pound female was captured and fitted for her collar on June 30th.

“The anesthesia and collaring process went smoothly and the wolf was in excellent condition. Furthermore, our physical examination indicated that she had given birth to pups this spring.”

Environmentalists and animal lovers are excited by the newly dubbed Lassen Pack.

Wolf advocate with the Center for Biological Diversity, Amaroq Weiss says the family is great news for California and wolves.

For months, gray wolves have been seen as an endangered species because California ranchers and farmers see them as threats to their livestock.

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