Jerry Brown announces 2018 global climate change summit in San Francisco

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Cult leader Jerry Brown is still doing whatever he can to be the opposite of President Trump and preach about climate change.

Today the Governor announced an initiative, inviting countries around the world to join California at a global "climate action" summit held in San Francisco next year.

His office released prepared remarks this morning:

"It’s up to you and it’s up to me and tens of millions of other people to get it together to roll back the forces of carbonization and join together to combat the existential threat of climate change. That is why we’re having the Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, September 2018. President Trump is trying to get out of the Paris Agreement, but he doesn’t speak for the rest of America. We in California and in states all across America believe it’s time to act, it’s time to join together and that’s why at this Climate Action Summit we’re going to get it done.”

According to The New York Times, Brown will invite "entrepreneurs, singers, musicians, mathematicians, professors” and others who represent "the whole world" to the summit.

Bill Whalen, a GOP strategist and research fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, told Mercury News that this summit will do nothing:

“To what end will this conference change anything other than pumping more carbon in the atmosphere as people fly from all over the world to get here? It’s not going to change climate change policy in America, and it’s not going to change Donald Trump’s mind.”

That's true. All of these hypocrites will fly on their own planes to get here, it's not like their all going to hop on the same 747 and plane pool here.

And then once they get here they'll all take their own gas guzzling SUV to the summit, possibly in cars paid for by California taxpayers.

Jerry Brown says Trump doesn't speak for the rest of America, and that may be true. But Jerry Brown doesn't speak for a lot of California.

There are real problems in this state he could be dealing with, but instead he spends his energy on this.

Maybe he should focus first on clearing the greenhouse gases out of his head, maybe then he'll think straight.

Read more at Mercury News.

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