Florida woman hid meth in her butt, then tried to eat it after strip search

(Summer Adamson - Collier County Sheriff's Office)

Court documents from Collier County, Florida say a 30-year-old woman was trying to eat meth that was hidden in her butt, during a strip search at a county detention facility.

Summer Adamson faces charges of "alleged drug possession, alleged possession of drug paraphernalia, alleged evidence tampering, and alleged smuggling of contraband into county detention facility."

The incident happened on June 29th when Collier County Sheriffs were called out for an incident where the caller's car window was broken.

The caller said the suspect was a woman named "Summer" and that she had left in a Jeep.

Adamson was eventually pulled over. When the officer approached the car, he saw a syringe poking out of Adamson's right leg, as well as a small plastic bag with brown powder.

She told the officer later that the brown powder was heroin.

Later on at the detention center deputies conducted a strip search where she reached into her butt, pulled out a small bag, put the bag into her mouth, and started chewing.

Deputies were able to removed the bag from her mouth. Adamson will be arraigned on July 24th.

Meth is awful, but butt meth? That's just nasty.

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