Solar Energy Just Got a Cute Panda Makeover

The Chinese power company called Panda Green Energy has just connected their, you guessed it, panda shaped solar power plant to the grid.

The project is located in Datong, a city in the province of Shanxi, northern China and the plant has an output of 50MW---enough energy to power more than 8,000 U.S. households.

The panda plant got its look from two types of solar panels,  white thin film photovoltaic (PV) cells and black monocrystalline silicon PV cells.  

The plant is a part of a UN Development Program (UNDP) effort to promote clean energy.

Panda Green Energy's CEO, Li Yuan says this project is also a great thing for China's youth.

"Designing the plant in the shape of a panda could inspire young people and get them interested in the applications of solar power."

The company plans to expand into countries like Fiji and the Philippines, with plans to build over 100 panda shaped plants in the next five years.

"I believe that the panda solar power plants will become a tourist hotspot, and in future we'll export these panda power plants to other parts of the world."

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