Policy Looks To Change Medical Coverage For Transgender Vets

California is leading the way to make sure transgender veterans get the health care they need. California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones says the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs is deny medical coverage to transgender vets. 

"The Veteran's Administration statute provides that veterans are entitled to their necessary care. This regulation denies transgender persons their access to care." 

In a brief filed by Jones in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Jones says the discriminatory policy should be rescinded as soon as possible. California, along with eight other states and the District of Columbia wants to change the policy on the federal level. 

"One of the key components of the brief was a regulation that I issued in 2012, protecting transgender persons equal access to medical care." 

According to Jones, regulations in California have already been put in place that prohibits health insurers of limiting or denying health coverage for transgender policy holders based on gender identity. 

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