Zika Carrying Mosquitoes Found in Pasadena

Mosquito eggs carrying the Zika virus were found for the first time in Pasadena.

The eggs were identified late June from the Aedes mosquito, commonly referred as the Asian tiger mosquito.

This kind of insect is known for biting during day time hours unlike most mosquitoes that nibble at night.

Pasadena city health officer, Dr. Ying-Ying Go says there have been no reports of infections but are telling residents to be aware.

"It is important for the public to be aware of the presence of this mosquito, which is different than the local variety of the insect, and to take steps now to help protect yourself and your family against these mosquitoes. We are asking for the public's help to take immediate action now in preventing the spread of this mosquito, such as eliminating all standing water sources on their property."

Officials ask that if you see these bugs to report them to the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District at (626) 814-9466 or online at www.sgvmosquito.org.

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