Taste Test Round 2: Do Blue M&M's Taste Different?

Alright, I know you're all thinking "Really, another taste test?" but this one was totally an accident that spiraled out of control.

Let's rewind a bit and explain how this all went down.

So this morning, I (producer Alex) handed fill-in producer Dana Schaeffer some candy and we got to talking about how we had a mutual love of peanut M&M's and that we both thought the blue ones tasted better.

Overhearing this, our beloved engineer Justin Worsham was incredulous and said that there was no way that was true.

He ran off to our cafeteria and purchased a few packages of the candy coated chocolates to test our claims.

What ended up happening is basically everyone, (myself, Dana, Mo Kelly and Wayne Resnick) were able to differentiate which ones were blue-- eyes closed--via taste, touch and smell.

He decided to double down and roped Jen into this mess and here's the results!

Wake Up Call M&M

And for all you naysayers out there, apparently there is some actual science to why blue candies taste differently! 

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