Southwest Airlines is Celebrating Shark Week with a New Plane Design

Discovery Channel's Shark Week has made its mark on pop culture in recent years and this time it's making its mark in a major way.

Southwest has partnered with the annual event, sending a Shark Week-themed Boeing 737-700 into the sky.

And yes, they even made their own hashtag #SharksTakeFlight to really round out the collaboration.

The outside shell of the plane is covered in stenciled on sharks and inside the cabin passengers will be treated to sneak peeks of Shark Week’s “African Shark Safari” on the Shark Week On-demand Channel.

This years Shark Week will run from July 23-30 will include “Great White Shark Serial Killer Lives,” “Sharks and the City: New York” narrated by Chris “Mr. Big” Noth, and a race between a great white and Olympian Michael Phelps.

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