#GridlockGarcetti sworn in for second term as L.A. Mayor

Eric Garcetti was sworn in for his second and final term as the Mayor of Los Angeles yesterday. He stood outside of City Hall for his ceremony, and urged Angelenos (*eye roll*) to "set [their] eyes on a farther horizon."

In his speech, he touched on homelessness and rising house costs:

"We want every unhoused Angeleno to have a home where they are healthy and safe and where they can pursue their dreams. Because every person living on our streets — they have dreams, too. And if that means new laws or reforming the laws that we have so that we can build the homes this city needs, let us start that work today.”

Just before Garcetti took oath, a group of Black Lives Matters protesters stood up and started shouting before they were escorted out.

Also present at the event were "a who's who of Los Angeles politics," according to the L.A. Times.

Mayor Yoga Pants touted his "accomplishments," such as supporting a minimum wage increase, lowering the business tax, encouraging the film industry through tax credits, and helping pass a $1.2 billion measure to build housing for the homeless.

Good job Los Angeles, you get another round of Eric Garcetti. He's just an empty pair of yoga pants, nothing there.

Read more at the L.A. Times.

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