Caltrans says new taxes will allow for major increase in road repairs

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The California Department of Transportation predicts it will be able to get a bunch of highway and bridge repairs done over the next decade, all thanks to the terrible car and gas tax hike.

Caltrans submitted a 10-year-plan that envisions an improved system of major roads and bridges with money from the new taxes.

The report says the money will go to:

  • An additional 17,000 miles of pavement repaired
  • An additional 500 bridges repaired or replaced
  • An additional 55,000 culverts and drains repaired
  • An additional 7,700 signals, signs and sensors repaired or replaced

24% of pavement on the state's highways is in poor condition, but Caltrans says the new spending will put 98% of pavement in fair or good condition.

It also says that right now about 10% of bridges are in poor condition, but spending will put 98.5% of bridge decks in good or fair condition.

What a load of junk this report is. California had the money for these repairs, and instead the legislature wasted our money and let our infrastructure crumble.

The L.A. Times tries to spin this report from the Department of Transportation as good news, like we needed the tax.

Jerry Brown and the thugs in Sacramento robbed us, and they have no shame whatsoever. 

Read more at the L.A. Times.

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