Small Plane Crashes On Busy 405 In Orange County

A small plane has crashed on the 405 freeway just short of the John Wayne Airport. It happened this morning around 9:35 am, just north of MacArthur Boulevard, near John Wayne airport. 

According to a tweet from the airport, the Cessna 310 aircraft declared an emergency before turning around and crashing on the freeway just short of the runway. The airfield was briefly closed to arrivals and departures, but has since reopened. Deanne Thompson, a spokesperson for the John Wayne Airport says those traveling out of John Wayne should arrive early. 

"Anyone headed to the airport today needs to find a route other than the 405,'' Thompson said. ``It's really a mess, and it's a terrible shame.''

Emergency responders say the injured pilot and his wife were taken to the hospital, and were being treated for major injuries. 

Audio of the pilot calling "May Day" and "I can't make it back to the airport," seconds before crashing was captured by air traffic control. 

The plane clipped a blue pick-up truck that was being driven by a off-duty fire captain who rendered aid. He only suffered a bruise elbow according to authorities. 

Both sides of the 405 Freeway were closed for a time because of debris, creating a major backup on the freeway of up to five miles. Authorities worked to divert traffic around the area via other routes. 

A preliminary report indicates the aircraft crashed on the northbound side of the freeway and ended up on the southbound side. 

Photo credit: @ChewyHooey

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