Pizza-Making Robots Are Taking Over California

INJOThe fear of automation replacing people's jobs has become real for anyone who makes pizza. With an assembly line of four robots and one person, Silicon Valley-based startup, Zume Pizza, has made a name for itself by making and delivering pizza “fresher and faster” than its competition.

Founded by Julia Collins and Alex Garden in 2015, the company plans to expand beyond Silicon Valley to Menlo Park and San Jose. In the area it currently serves, Zume Pizza bakes and delivers pies between five and 20 minutes by utilizing technology to heighten speed and productivity.

A Zume pie begins with fermenting handmade dough between 18 and 24 hours. The dough is then taken by three machines: a robotic pizza dough press, a robot that pours sauce, and a robot that spreads sauce. Zume has not yet found a way for robots to add cheese and desired toppings, so a person does it before another robot lifts the pizza into an oven.

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