Jihadis from Europe complain they can't find a job when they get home

(Documentary The Jihadis Next Door)

ISIS fighters from Europe say they're having a hard time finding work when they return home from their Jihad abroad.

Swedish daily newspaper Expressen talked to former Jihadis about life after ISIS and they discussed the hardships of trying to land a job.

As many as 150 people have returned to Sweden to try to put their lives back together. Walad Yousef, a 27-year-old returning fighter said:

“I just want to forget everything. I apply for a lot of jobs, but I can’t get any because my pictures are out there.”

He had posted pictures of himself in Syria on Facebook, posing at a training camp with a Kalashnikov and encouraging his friends to join him.

Another returning member said that life under ISIS was "not what [he] though," while others said they had only gone to Syria to help civilians affected by the civil war.

Employers are obviously afraid that returning fighters would commit violent attacks and don't want to be associated with them. One returnee said:

"You in the media have scared them. I do not know why they are afraid."


Apparently Sweden is one of the best countries for a foreign fighter to return to if they want to reintegrate.  Why do they even let them come back?

If you go to fight for ISIS, you can stay there. It doesn't matter if things didn't turn out the way you had planned.

Read more at Newsweek.

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