Video: Sharks Swim Up to Florida Tourists

Florida beach-goers got the surprise of a lifetime as sharks swam up the shore and landed at their feet and one tourist caught it all on tape.

Stephanie Stevens Adcock was visiting form Arkansas and was at the beach with her family when she says seven sharks came up to the shallows.

She says the sharks were between five and seven feet long and that it seemed two of them were fighting.

“My son’s friend was snorkeling way out there and we were yelling for him to come in. Everyone else had made it out of the water and he was unaware of what was going on! My husband ran out there to help him.”

Adcock says the sharks were two feet from the shore and were around for 10 minutes.

The International Shark Attack File says sharks aren't that uncommon in Florida.

Of the 81 unprovoked shark attacks throughout the United States in 2016, 32 of them happened in the state.

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