Tech Talk Helps Seniors Live Independently

As people get older, they are often forced into assisted living communities where they lose some of their independence and privacy.

Senior citizens do not want to be forced into these situations.  As a matter of fact, whether they need daily healthcare or not, over 80% of seniors would like to maintain independent, non-assisted living.

Luckily, technology is now making that more of a reality.  There are now gadgets and high-tech monitoring systems that can help seniors achieve their goal of aging in place.

It all breaks down to four major tech categories.

1) Sensors - Seniors can set up sensors around their home that let their friends and family know that they are up and moving around.  The activity-based sensors ease the anxiety for those that care for the aging individual, without interrupting daily life for either party.

2) Emergency pendants - Seniors can wear a small emergency pendant around their wrist or neck.  They have a button that can be pressed in the case of an emergency that puts them in contact with emergency responders.  Some also have a fall detection feature that notifies emergency services even if the person does not press the button.

3) Medication reminders and dispensers - Not only are medications often crucial for seniors' health and well-being, but an aging mind can have a hard time remembering when to take all of them.  Medication reminders give people a gentle nudge towards their pills, while dispensers make sure that a slipping mind doesn't lead someone to take the same medication multiple times in a day.

4) Video cameras - Whether it is FaceTime, Skype, or another video chatting service, video cameras are an easy way to check-in and catch-up with loved ones without having to intrude on their lives too much.

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