Man with history of 'deviant' sex acts with vegetables gets life in prison

Charles Ransier - Comal County Jail
  • (Charles Ransier - Comal County Jail)

56-year-old Charles Ransier from New Braunfels, Texas has an abnormal history with vegetables, according to authorities.

Yesterday a Comal County judge sentenced Ransier to life in prison on charges of drug possession and tampering with evidence. 

A Texas state trooper found him sitting in his truck with melted candle wax on his bare chest, along with the following items:

  • A collection of meth-filled syringes
  • Male enhancement pills
  • Lube
  • Children's clothing
  • A cooler of frozen cucumbers

The trooper found Ransier like that back in March 2015. Ransier had a syringe in his hand and was trying to break the end off of it.

He refused to comply with the trooper's command to stop and the two struggled until the trooper was able to get Ransier into handcuffs.

A video of the struggle was presented as evidence at Ransier's trial.

After he was detained, troopers searched Ransier's truck and found more stuff, including:

  • Barbie dolls
  • Candy
  • Balloons
  • Baby oil
  • Duct tape
  • Rope

Further investigation revealed that was not the first time Ransier had been busted barely clothed with vegetables.

In November 2012 he was found naked inside his truck, and admitted to a deputy that he had engaged in a "deviant sex act involving a squash."

Then in March 2014 he was found near a baseball field doing naughty things with a vegetable wearing nothing but women's stockings.

He also has 9 previous felony convictions, one of which resulted in the death of a reserve sergeant with the Arizona State Troopers.

Ransier killed the father of two when he crashed into him while high on meth.

The jury took less than an hour to sentence Ransier to life in prison on the charge of tampering with evidence connected to the March 2015 incident.

He also got 20 years for meth possession and a fine of $100,000.

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