Costco Food Courts are Stepping their Game UP

The Costco food court has brought the world super-sized slices of pizza, huge hot dogs, tasty pretzels and other wallet friendly fast food bites.

Now the chain is stepping things up and bring the world their latest addition--a third-pound cheeseburger.

Before everyone gets too excited, the chain mega-store has only released their new burger in their Seattle area locations and a few in California in Corona, Pacoima and Lakewood.

Costco describes their new addition as:

"An organic beef patty, topped with romaine lettuce, smoked Thousand Island dressing, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese, all placed between fluffy, sweet Chicago-style buns."

Those who have gotten a peek at the burger say it bares a resemblance to another famous chain's burger. 

"Now, in addition to its wildly popular rotisserie chicken, the wholesale store will be offering freshly grilled burgers that look oddly similar to Shake Shack's famous patties. The final product looks nearly identical to Shack's beloved burger, though the ingredients are slightly different."

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