Anthony Rendon getting death threats for shelving state-run healthcare

The mob that is the California Nurses Association and other crazy far left kooks are fuming over Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon's decision to pull the single-payer healthcare plan from Senator Ricardo "Cow Fart" Lara.

Redon, who called the bill "woefully incomplete," says he's getting violent threats directed at him and his family, a claim that the union has dismissed.

It wouldn't be surprising if Rendon is actually getting death threats. The nurses union, along with their leader RoseAnn DeMoro, are very angry and upset.

Over the weekend DeMoro tweeted this:

Mercury News reports that at a Capitol rally yesterday, a single-payer supporter acted out the tweet with a giant fake knife with fake blood and "Rendon" written on the side of it.

Rendon, a Democrat, has been defending his decision to pull the bill all week. The bill has zero plan as to where the needed $400 billion would come from. He said in a statement:

“I’m a grown-up in politics, so those are things I can handle. What does bother me most are comments like these: `That was our last hope for our uninsurable son who is facing a heart transplant. He will be uninsurable once TrumpCare passes….You just killed my son.’ It is shameful how the proponents of SB 562 have provided false hope to people who are suffering."

He added that the proposal is a "shell" of a bill.

The Nurses say that delaying the bill is inexcusable, and are urging supporters to flood Rendon's phone lines and social media criticizing him for his decision.

One ominous tweet read:

“I pray someone checks his schedule for baseball practice."

Of course that's a reference to the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who was badly injured while practicing for the annual congressional baseball game.

Why are these people so crazy? Lara's bill was a terrible bill that had no plan. The nurses union and the others on the far left are so concerned with cramming their agenda down our throats that they're willing to get aggressive and do whatever it takes.

Rendon was right to shelve the bill. For once common sense prevailed in California, please God don't let the crazies have their way.

Read more at Mercury News.

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