Trump's Golf Resorts Asked to Take Down Fake TIME Covers

TIME magazine is asking the Trump Organization to remove several versions of their issues featuring President Donald Trump from his golf clubs after it was found they were fakes.

At least four of Trump's clubs were found to have framed copies of a TIME magazine dated March 1, 2009 and has the now president as it's cover star.

The Washington Post found out though, that there wasn't even an issue published on that date and in fact the business man wasn't on any of the magazine's cover that year.

A TIME spokesperson has come forward confirming that the covers are fake.

The real version of the copy of the magazine was released on March 2nd and features actress Kate Winslet and her Oscar success.

The magazine is requesting the Trump Organization remove all of the fake covers from their businesses.

People have reported seeing these framed covers in Trump's golf resorts in Doral, Florida and Trump National Golf Club near Washington DC, as well as Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach and Doonbeg in Western Ireland.

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