Poet in Chief: Bored Programmer Turns Trump Tweets into Parody Poetry

President Trump's tweets have been an inspiration to many...though not in the way he probably thought.

There have been robots built with the sole purpose of printing and burning the tweets, bots turning his rants into cash and Twitter account that posted his lines on official White House letterhead.

Now the internet has taken an artsy turn as bored programmers built a website that turns the commander in chief into the poet in chief.

Heydon Faber created Poet in Chief, a website that pulls random Trump tweets and puts them into a poetic verse.

Looks like the President is a fan himself.  Here's some audio of him reading what he created! 

To create your own, you head over to their website, hit the "Generate New Poem" button and you'll get a five-line rhyming poem.

Clicking on any of the lines brings you to Trump's original corresponding tweet.

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